Djibril Cisse Shares A Picture Of 05 Champions League Victory

Former France international Djibril Cisse, is rooting for his former club to win the champions league final.

The Reds, will be looking to win their seventh champions league against the competition’s most successful club. Djibril Cisse is rooting for the reds to stun the white angels in Paris.

Steven Gerrard led Liverpool, came back from three goals down in the first half to win the Champions League. AC Millan scored three goals in Instanbul to cement their dominance.

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Rafa’s men returned from the dressing room as monsters to turn the tire around. Djibril Cisse was part of the team that won the Champions League. The former red man took to Twitter to remind the players of the tasks ahead of them today. Follow Us for more exclusive sports updates. We are also on all social media platforms.

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