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La Liga has reported Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain to UEFA for allegedly violating Financial Fair Play rules.

La Liga has told UEFA that Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain broke the rules for Financial Fair Play.

The president of La Liga, Javier Tebas, has also kept criticizing the Premier League, saying that it has no spending limits and that its finances are out of control.

La Liga has reported Manchester City and Paris Saint-Germain to UEFA for allegedly violating Financial Fair Play rules.

Real Madrid didn’t get Kylian Mbappe, who signed a three-year deal worth £200 million, and Manchester City got Erling Haaland, who went to the Etihad for £51 million, before Madrid did.

La Liga told City of FFP violations in April, and they filed a complaint against PSG last week, right after Tebas threatened to go to court when Mbappe changed his mind at the last minute and decided to stay with PSG.

In a statement, La Liga said, “La Liga understands that these clubs are being illegally funded either by direct money injections or by sponsorship and other contracts that don’t match market conditions or make economic sense.”

“La Liga thinks that these practices change the ecosystem and sustainability of football, hurt all European clubs and leagues, and only serve to artificially inflate the market with money that doesn’t come from football itself.”

Both Manchester City and PSG have been asked to comment, and both have denied any wrongdoing in the past.

The Court of Arbitration for Sport overturned Uefa’s decision to ban City from the Champions League for two years for breaking Financial Fair Play rules. The ban will end in July 2020.

UEFA can take action against clubs that break FFP laws, but after Covid, they changed their spending rules. They raised the amount of money clubs can lose over three years from £25 million to £50 million, and they gave clubs that are in “good financial health” an extra £10 million.

Premier League clubs are also unhappy with Tebas’s constant outbursts, since Ousmane Dembélé went to Barcelona for £118 million even though his contract was up and he was free to go.

Philippe Coutinho cost £120 million, but he has also been a financial nightmare for Barcelona. They have spent more than they could afford and are now hundreds of millions of pounds in debt, so they have to get rid of players before they can sign new ones.

The Spanish court system has ruled against Barcelona and Real Madrid for getting illegal tax breaks, and several English clubs think Tebas’ words are hypocritical.

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