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LATEST: Cristiano Ronaldo blanks Carragher to ‘HUMILIATE him’

Rio Ferdinand believes Cristiano Ronaldo intentionally ignored Jamie Carragher before Manchester United’s clash with liverpool.

The 37-year-old Portuguese star gatecrashed the Sky Sports pundits pitchside and elected to ignore Carragher.

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LATEST: Cristiano Ronaldo blanks Carragher to 'HUMILIATE him'

Ronaldo, who was named among the substitutes for the important bottom half clash, instead came across to speak to former teammates Gary Neville and Roy Keane, both part of the Sky line-up for Monday Night Football.

Ronaldo’s former team-mate Ferdinand believes the Portugal international was aware of what Carragher had said about him and wanted to make a point by ‘humiliating him’.

‘Knowing Cristiano Ronaldo, Jamie Carragher’s been very vocal about Cristiano Ronaldo being the problem and stuff like that,’ Ferdinand said.

‘Trust me, Cristiano would’ve seen those comments and would’ve been thinking walking over there I’ll just let this guy know with a little… he needs to kind of calm him down, humiliate him and show him up, whatever way you want to dress it up live on TV.

‘Cristiano is very calculated, he’s very aware of what’s going on, he’s not somebody who sits at home and switches off.’

He added: ‘I’ve always said this, he uses social media and people’s comments as fuel to drive him on to be the best he’s done that since he was a young kid.

‘Anyone who spoke bad about him in the media he knew about it. He mentioned Gary Lineker to me once about stuff because Gary Lineker is a massive Messi fan.

‘I was thinking bro you’re not even in this country how are you seeing the footage. He knows everything.

‘For Jamie Carragher to continually call him out, he’s got a right to his own opinion Jamie, but Cristiano will take that personally.

‘He’s an emotional guy and he’ll show that his actions were no surprise to me. I find it funny, I find it hilarious to be honest.’

Despite’s United’s 2-1 win, Ronaldo had an afternoon to forget, having been benched for Anthony Elanga before entering the pitch with just four minutes remaining of the match.

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